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The First European Crowd-Venturing Impact Fund

What is Inventures

Inventures is a European venture capital fund that builds a better world by investing in fast growing companies and sustainable businesses led by ambitious and visionary founders.

The firm has two funds: Inventures I & Inventures II.

History in brief

Inventures was created to support early stage smart and innovative European businesses, to support sustainable job growth and empower entrepreneurs. Inventures has empowered citizenship co-investment through its partnership with the investment platform Spreds.

Inventures I: key figures

Since 1 July 2012:

  • 825 Applications received
  • 321 Screened projects
  • 57 Investment committee reviews
  • 15 Companies selected for investment

Latest update: September 2017

Magic 5 @ YouTube

Inventures presented by Ines Mertens and Olivier De Duve during the Magic 5 live event Ghent, Belgium (November 2016)

Our investment strategy

Inventures is open to invest in European impact businesses: larger amounts in confirmed scale-ups (50%), and smaller amounts in a number of start-ups (20%) with reinvestment in follow-up rounds (30%).

Inventures II always requests a seat on the board of directors of each business in its portfolio.

Both Inventures I & II empower citizens and help to democratise venture capital by offering co-investment for selected campaigns featured on the investment platform, Spreds.

Including citizens in a multi-stakeholder partnership reinforces the selection of companies, and increases the chances of success by creating a large community of ambassadors sharing the same values.

Inventures I

Inventures I is a €15 Million fund that focuses on seed, early stage and growth businesses, and has selected 15 companies for investment.

See the portfolio here. The fund is now closed to new businesses, but Inventures II is just getting started.

Inventures II

Inventures II SDG Growth is a venture capital fund currently accepting new investments. The fund has raised almost €20 Million so far, and aims to raise up to €50 Million. The fund will invest in about 35 promising start-ups and scale-ups with a high growth potential. Inventures II is unique because it focuses on businesses that positively impact the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Co-investing with crowdfunding

Inventures is unique because when coupled with crowdfunding, the market is gauged for each business by testing it with co-investment.

Crowdfunding is a collective investment in a business or product. Equity crowdfunding allows the public to participate in venture capital by purchasing Notes for small amounts (currently €100), which when added together in our experience, can reach a larger amount of €50,000 – €4 Million.

Our team believes convincing the crowd to invest through crowdfunding will prove a market potential or fit. Crowdfunding helps a business build a community of ambassadors, and generate positive marketing effects. Further, an early go-to-market experience is better than a late project crash, after years of investment and reinvestment.

Read more about our partner Spreds

Investors at our Bamboo Growth event


Are you interested in joining Inventures II as an investor?

If you’re willing to commit a minimum of €100,000 which will help support businesses that follow the UN SDGs, find out the benefits and contact us.


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